About technology

The conventional methods for fire protection of flammable materials are:

  • Incorporation of flame retardant additives into the polymer matrix during the production process;
  • Impregnation of porous materials with flame retardant solutions;
  • Flame retardant coatings to protect flammable materials that require treatment to reach fireproof standards.

INTERIORPROTECT Ltd. has been developing industrial and “in situ” technologies based on the fire protection impregnation method using the company’s patented flame retardants, manufactured under the CSE-96 trade mark.

The CSE-96 flame retardants may be applied to the flammable materials utilizing various methods:

  • Impregnation under pressure in autoclave;
  • Impregnation by continuous processes; "in situ" impregnation by spraying;
  • Energy save impregnation methods at atmospheric pressure and room temperature – by dipping, by casting, by roller or brush;
  • Plasma-aided impregnation.