JEC WORLD 202421.03.2024

Interiorprotect Ltd. participated in the anual JEC Composite Show, EEN Matchmaking at JEC World in P...

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Fire Safety is one of the essential elements of security. Fires cause death, injury and property damage. The risk of a fire starting can be reduced by the ...

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INTERIORPROTECT Ltd. was established in 1997, and it has been the leading Bulgarian enterprise for development and production of flame retardants, technologies and services for fire protection and prevention.

The INTERIORPROTECT Ltd. patented flame retardants, manufactured under the CSE-96 trade mark, are applied to flammable polymers like textiles, wood, paper, corrugated board, leather, penopolystyrene, penopolyurethane and items made of them to achieve fire safety.

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The conventional methods for fire protection of flammable materials are: incorporation of flame retardant additives into the polymer...

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The CSE-96 flame retarded materials have been tested according to a number of applicable Bulgarian, European, American..

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